We are pleased to enhance your relaxation experience by offering massage services in partnership with Flo Samuels and Pawel Kotarba from Origin Manual Therapy. Located at the end of the hall from Float Well (Level 1, James Smith building), Flo & Pawel have a beautiful and tranquil space to provide both relaxation and therapeutic massage.

To book in for our Float & Massage combo, please give us a ring on 04 470 7729 so we can coordinate the two services. Give yourself 2.5 blissful hours for this appointment.

Flo Samuels

As an Aucklander now residing in Wellington, Flo loves the capital because of the effortless connection she has found with the city; an ease of connection that she has unearthed in her massage therapy career.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients from stressed students, busy parents, corporate employees to elite athletes such as the All Blacks and the Wellington Phoenix, Flo thrives on personalising massage sessions through the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to positively impact each client’s daily life.

For massage-only bookings with Flo, click here.

Pawel Kotarba

Born and raised in Poland, Pawel moved to the English Lake District soon after defending Masters in the field of Sociology. Since than he worked as a climbing and water-ski instructor in the UK as well as in Poland. Moving to Wellington in 2012, Pawel became strongly involved in the trail running scene, and soon after in massage therapy. Still at the early stage of his career as a therapist Pawel has already worked with a vast variety of clients. Thanks to his sport’s background Pawel finds himself very comfortable working with elite athletes like the Wellington Phoenix, Central Pulse, runners and climbers but he loves working with anyone who needs help dealing with every day stress.

For massage-only bookings with Pawel, click here.