Massage Pricing

We are pleased to enhance your relaxation experience by offering massage services in partnership with Flo Samuels and Pawel Kotarba from Origin Manual Therapy. Located at the end of the hall from Float Well (Level 1, James Smith building), Flo & Pawel have a beautiful and tranquil space to provide both relaxation and therapeutic massage.

For massage-only bookings please click the Book Now button below. To schedule a Float & Massage combo, please give Float Well a call on 04 470 7729 so we can coordinate the two services.

$50 (30 mins) / $80 (60 mins) / $110 (90 mins)


Depending on what your body needs on the day, your treatment will be customised to provide you with a personalised and effective experience. A relaxation massage is a treatment consisting of flowing strokes and gentle manipulation of muscles, performed at your chosen pressure, to de-stress and relax the body. Therapeutic massage involves specific assessment and massage techniques to relieve pain, reduce stress or work on a specific problem.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require 24 hours notice otherwise 50% of the total fee is charged. Less than 4 hours notice will incur 100% of the total fee to be charged.