We truly believe that floating can benefit so many people and we want to share floating as much as we can. This was the inspiration behind introducing our Karma-3 Float Pack in October 2018. Not only does the purchaser receive a discount on floats for themselves, for every Karma-3 pack purchased each month, we donate a float towards our Karma Float Bank.

What is the Karma Float Bank?

It’s a bank of floats we distribute to people in most need of floating but who struggle to afford to. Each month, we will nominate an in-need group and either run a giveaway on our Facebook page or donate the floats to an organisation that supports these deserving folk.

Who have you donated floats to?

So far we have donated our Karma Floats to those struggling with mental health, students, first responders, people suffering with chronic pain, Wellington City Mission, Wellington Women’s Refuge and Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa. If you know of a group of people who would benefit from floating, let us know!

What do I get with the Karma-3 Float Pack?

You get 3x 60-minute floats for $240. These floats are shareable and have a 1-year expiry from purchase date. For every Karma-3 Float Pack we sell, we donate one float to our Karma Float Bank.

How do I purchase the Karma-3 Float Pack?

Easy! You can buy the Karma-3 Float pack online here or pop in-store.