All appointments are 90 minutes, which includes a 60 minute float and 15 minutes on either end of your session to shower/get ready. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We also encourage you to enjoy your post-float bliss in our lounge after your session.

We believe in floating as a practice – the more you do it, the better it gets! That’s why we’ve structured our pricing options to encourage you to try floating more than once. We recommend giving yourself at least 3 sessions to fully attune to the art of floating.

It's our 5th Birthday!

2 Floats for $129

• Can be used as 2 single floats or 1 double float
• Shareable
• All floats expire 3 months from sale date
• No limit on how many can be purchased
• Sale ends midnight 13 June 2021

Single Float

1 x 60 minute single float


$70 Student/CSC floats (weekdays only)

Intro-3 Float Pack

3 x 60 minute single floats


One per customer


Not shareable or refundable


3-month expiry

Double Float

1 x 60 minute double float


2 people floating in the same float tank


Suitable for couples & parent/child

Best value!


Karma-3 Float Pack


3 x 60 minute single floats




1- year expiry


For every pack purchased, we donate a float to our Karma Float Bank!


Float with a Friend


2 x 60 minute single floats


2 people floating at the same time in separate float tanks


Float & Massage


60 minute single float & 60 minute massage (2.5 hours total)


Must be booked back-to-back (services cannot be split)


Please call for bookings


Available only for individual bookings as we only have 1 massage therapist on site.