Float Membership

Just like going to the gym one time won’t give you abs, floating just once is not likely to have a lasting impact on your well-being. Instead, floating is a practice that requires regular sessions in order to get the most benefit. How often should you float? Well that depends on what you’re looking to get out of the experience. Most commonly people float monthly, whereas some people float once a week or fortnight. We’ve even had people float every day for a week!

Our monthly Float Membership not only gives you the chance to float at a frequency that suits you, you also get access to a number of perks that will allow you to customise and enhance your float journey.

$75 / month


1 x 60 or 90 minute float per month

Additional floats for $75 each

15% off retail & massage

Shareable with up to 2 others¹

Free pair of reusable ear plugs

Access to quarterly Members Float Free Days

Not refundable

No contract, 1 month written cancellation notice required²

Floats never expire as long as membership is active

$55 / month


1 x 60 or 90 minute float per month

Additional floats for $55 each

Not shareable or refundable

Free pair of reusable ear plugs

Access to quarterly Members Float Free Days

4-month contract

All floats expire 1-month after your last contract payment

Sharing Membership¹

Each person must have their own account with us. One person needs to purchase and provide auto-pay information (credit card/direct debit). Membership privileges and floats can be shared with up to two different people. Please inform us with whom you are sharing your membership. Please allow 24 hours for any updates to occur.

Membership Termination²

We require 1-month’s written notice (via email) for membership cancellation, upon which one further month’s membership fee will be charged. You will have 3 months to use any remaining floats on your account after termination.

Floats do not expire so long as your membership is active and in good standing. Repeated declined payments will result in termination of your membership and you will have 3 months to use any remaining paid floats on your account.

Custom Membership

If floating more regularly sounds like something you’d like to do, get in touch! We would love to hear about your float goals and and we are open to building custom bespoke packages to suit your needs. The more frequently you want to float, the bigger the discount you’ll get.