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FAQ: Can More than One Person Float in a Tank at the Same Time?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

When we first opened, the two tanks we started with at Float Well are only able to accommodate one person floating at a time. However, we quickly expanded and brought in two Dreampod VMax float pods that are larger in size and can comfortably fit two people and we want to share our experience of how to best enjoy your Double Float.

Set your expectations

If this is the first time you and your partner have floated, there is no reference point of an individual float experience yet. This can be an advantage because you don’t already know how it feels to float in a tank on your own; however, this also means that everything about the session will be new. Having your partner float with you can help alleviate anxiety and nervousness about the experience, as well as offer the intimacy of sharing the float.

For those who have already floated on their own, we suggest to approach a Double Float as a way to connect with your partner and experience a new form of closeness. Keep in mind that this is not like floating on your own. While you will have enough space to lay comfortably in the tank, you will be aware that there is someone next to you as you may bump into each other every now and then, feel them adjust their bodies in the water or hear their breathing. Floating alongside someone allows you to share a close space, in silence, together. There’s no need to talk or check in or do anything, just be together. It really is a beautiful shared experience.

Decide on your settings before getting in

Before you hop into the tank, we recommend having a conversation about how you both want to experience your float. Perhaps set a shared intention for the session and discuss a few logistics to make things run more smoothly. It’s best to have this conversation prior to putting your earplugs in, as this make it difficult to communicate with each other.

Prior to your session, your float facilitator will ask what music setting you prefer. If you choose an option that includes silence, bear in mind you will likely hear your and your partner’s breathing which can range from soothing to irritating. You can also choose from our Music Menu which style of music you’d like to listen to. It’s best to decide together which setting and style will suit you both.

On one side of the tank, there is a green rubber button that controls the lights inside the float tank. Chat with your partner about whether lights on or off would be preferred. We suggest the person who floats on the left be the one responsible for the light button, as reaching over someone’s face risks the chance of salt water getting into the other person’s eyes. You can decide on a signal if you’d like have the lights turned on, like a squeezing of the hand.

Find a comfortable body position

Our double float tanks measure 2.34m long by 1.62m wide – large enough to comfortably fit two people. Lying shoulder-to-shoulder is most accommodating as you can hold hands and enjoy each other’s closeness. Your outside arm can either be placed alongside your body or in a cactus-shape.

You will notice that there is a person floating next to you but it shouldn’t disturb you much. Once you find what position works for you, try lying still, relax your head back (you can use the blue Halo headrest if you need extra neck support) and eventually you will both settle into the middle of the tank together in bliss.

Enjoy this unique and intimate experience together

When was the last time you and your partner spent an hour together, side-by-side, doing nothing except listening to each other’s breath? The answer may be never. There is something deeply profound about enjoying each other’s company without feeling the urge to fill the silence or vegging out in front of the television. We’ll provide you with everything you need for your Double Float session, including detailed instructions on how to maximise the experience and time in our post-float lounge to enjoy a cup of tea and debrief.

If you like the idea of sharing the float experience but without sharing the float tank itself (sometimes you might just want your own space – we get it!), you can also book two separate tanks at the same time. This is a really popular option for couples, family and friends alike which is why we also offer a Float with a Friend pricing option which allows you to book two tanks together.

To book in, click here!

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