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Float Well's Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

With the holidays fast approaching, we want to take as much stress out of your shopping experience as possible. So we’ve created Float Well’s Christmas Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect Christmas present for your partner, family member, friend or colleague. Better yet, put one of these goodies on your own Christmas wishlist!


There are always those people in our lives who are the most difficult to shop for: they already have everything they need and buy themselves whatever it is they want. They really do make gift-giving difficult – how inconsiderate! But we love them all the same and want to be sure to wow them this Christmas.

The gift: 2-Float Christmas Special

What better thing to give the person who has everything than the gift of nothing! Experiences are really special because it offers someone the opportunity to try something new, maybe something they’ve heard of but haven’t gotten around to doing yet or to enjoy an experience they already love but don’t make enough time for themselves.

Our 2-Float Christmas Special includes 2 floats that can be shared or used by one person. This will most certainly be a unique way to spoil your loved one.


For some people, 2018 has been a long, hard year. The demands of work, family and life admin can leave people feeling absolutely exhausted as we approach the holiday season. These folks often put the needs of others before their own and don’t always spend time looking after themselves – they deserve some serious R&R.

The gift: Float & Massage Combo

This package is 2.5 hours of pure bliss! Start off with a 60-minute float session, followed by a 60-minute sports, therapeutic or relaxation massage by one of our talented therapists at Origin Manual Therapy. This will surely leave them feeling absolutely amazing and costs only $155. Click here to purchase a Float & Massage voucher.


Floating is best described as a practice, rather than a bucket-list experience. Sure, everyone has to start somewhere and try it for the first time; however, like exercising, eating well or meditation, the more you do it, the better the results. There are some people in our lives who are looking for a new wellness routine and ready for transcendence.

The gift: Intro-3 Float Pack

Floating once is great, but it’s also a process of calibration – you’re getting used to the buoyancy of the water, learning how to actually relax the body and mind, figuring out the different controls in the tank (music, lights, lid). That’s why we recommend floating at least 3 times to reap the full benefits of the experience. Our Intro-3 Float Pack includes 3x 60-minute float sessions and costs $180 – what an incredible gift to offer the person in your life who is ready for change. Click here to purchase our Intro-3 Float Pack.


It’s estimated that 1 in 8 New Zealanders is living with chronic pain, many of whom have become desensitized to the experience and consider it “normal.” The Shakti Mat is an intelligently-designed acupressure tool that supports deep, restful sleep,; relaxation of tense muscles, recovery from headaches, recovery from muscular injury, circulation and overall wellness of the mind and body.

The gift: Shakti Mat

Last year, the Shakti Mat was an extremely popular gift at Christmastime to give to the person who could benefit from the wonders of acupressure and DIY massage. There are three different levels of Shakti Mat, including Light, Original & Advanced – all of which are stocked at Float Well for $90. Pop in-store to purchase your Shakti Mat today.


You’ve drawn the name of a colleague for Secret Santa at work and have a $10-$20 budget. Rather than rummage through the two-dollar shop for a knick-knack that’s going to end up in the bin shortly after Christmas, why not give them something a bit more special? We have two gift ideas that’ll surely put a smile on their face.

The gift: Libertine Blends Tea

Support a local Wellington business and treat your colleague to a yummy and refreshing cup of herbal tea. We stock four different flavours of Libertine Blends teas: Kapow (lemongrass, kawakawa, cardamom, chili), Rock Ohm (manuka, lemon balm, mint, rosemary), Runaway Rose (elderflower, rose, lavender, vanilla) & Green Lightning (sencha green tea with gingko biloba).

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