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Joe Rogan Made Me Do It

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Like many people these days, we first heard about floating from comedian, podcaster and UFC commentator (and let’s not forget former Fear Factor host) Joe Rogan. Co-founder, Kevin, has been a long-time listener of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, where Joe (yes, we’re on a first name basis) can barely go through an episode without talking about how much he loves floating. With over 11 million downloads monthly, the JRE has an immense global audience and has been pivotal in bringing floating to the mainstream. And as someone who has a personal float tank in his house, Joe has logged thousands of float hours and boasts an avid interest in self-development and exploring the mind.

“When you first start doing the isolation tank, you can only get a couple of the layers of the onion in, a couple skins loose. You can’t really go to the core. It’s too hard. It’s too large to completely let go who you are. But as you get better at it, and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience, you get better at actually letting go—really letting go, letting go from letting go, letting go from the feeling of letting go, letting go from THAT point. “Okay I’ve let go now. No, you haven’t let go more.” And then you become “gone.” You disappear, and while you’re disappearing, this is what happens. You start thinking, “I can’t believe I’m disappearing,” and then you’re back again. You got to start from square one.”

The consensus from many float tank centre owners is that “Roganites” often emerge from their first float a bit disappointed that their experience wasn’t as mind-blowing as Joe often describes. But that’s okay! Like any new experience, your brain needs time to figure out what the heck is going on and to familiarise itself with the environment. During your first float, you’ll ask questions such as: “Do I want the lights on or off? How am I even floating? Where do I put my arms? Am I actually relaxed? How long have I been in here for? Have I missed the music? Have they forgotten about me? What should I make for dinner?”

What many people report is that not until their second or third float are they truly able to relax and let go. Every person is different. Every single float is different. The float tank can be used as a tool to explore the mind, conscious and unconscious. It can give you the space to be curious, to contemplate, to be truly reflective. There aren’t many places that allow you the time and space for introspection, free of all distraction. But this all takes practice. Just like meditation or yoga or a new exercise regime, floating once is not likely going to solve all your problems and change your life. Coming back to the tank on a regular basis, observing the evolution of your mind through floating – that’s where the magic begins to happen!

As Joe puts it: “Everybody should be doing it. It’s an amazing way to think.”

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