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Float Well Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are leaders in Wellington who embody our values at Float Well – Community, Curiosity 

& Evolution – and represent what floating is all about. As advocates, their role is to help spread the good word about floating within their own communities.


Brady Dyer

Brady is a professional photographer based in Lower Hutt. Alongside this he is also an elected city-councillor at Hutt City Council. 

What can at times be a busy & stressful lifestyle, he loves being able to leave it all at the door and switching his brain into a different state while floating. Being emersed with zero distractions to just be one with yourself is the ultimate state of meditation. The speed of life & the rate of change seems to be accelerating and Brady finds it's extremely important to stop and be present whenever possible.

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Hannah Calver

Hannah is a Nurse who specializes in Cosmetic Injectables, with a background in Mental Health focusing on eating disorders and cognitive behavioural therapies.


Hannah has two beautiful, headstrong daughters, and the challenges of being a working mother are something she knows all too well. She is a huge advocate of taking time out to connect with yourself and maintaining your own self-identity.


Hannah does this through sports, with a background in roller derby, bodybuilding, and CrossFit; therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and floating; and connecting with people she loves.

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Tobias Hall

Tobias is the owner of Featherston Pain Clinic, a chiropractor, physical therapist, fitness instructor, NLP practitioner, chi gong practitioner and cold water immersion enthusiast.

Tobias has gradually come to the belief that although we won’t all achieve it in this lifetime, every single one of us has the inherent ability within us to live free of pain, sickness and injury.

Professionally he lives for the moments when the exact right person walks into his office at exactly the right time and as a result, finds a lasting and life-changing level of pain relief that they had previously thought impossible.

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Christian Davey

Christian is a 23 year old triathlete balancing a busy training and racing schedule, as well as working full time as an Urban Planner. He is constantly pushing his body and mind every day.


Christian believes that everything he does is interconnected. Becoming an optimal human-being is a game of constant improvement. As an aspiring Olympian, floating helps to explore new areas of bodily awareness and recovery to become a better human and athlete.

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Jess Sandoval

Jess is the force behind Endo Warriors Aotearoa, a not for profit that she started in 2020, inspired by her own experience with various chronic pain illness. 


In the last 3 years, Jess has come a long way with her health, coming off some very strong medications and dealing with her health in a more holistic way. When Jess has spare time, she can be found doing stuff for EWA, working hard to help manage her pain and illness, and spending time with the most important person in her life, her son Jorge.

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Tracy Muir

Tracy is the owner-operator and everything behind the Welly-based business, Niche Nibbles (Tracy Bakes Keto), specialising in making keto treats which are sugar free and perfect for your low carb lifestyle.


Tracy's brain is full at the best of times, with long lists of business to-do’s, worries, ideas and all the other adult life tasks that make up the juggle of work life balance we all face. It is also very physically demanding running a bakery so floating is a perfect place for her to just be, relax, download, and assess the way her body feels.

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Deano Shirriffs

Deano is a Palmerston North-based alchemist abstract artist, inspired by landscapes. His unorthodox methods of applying or manipulating materials and paints on the canvas create scenes exploding with colour, texture and depth.


Deano has used the float tank to create ‘float-inspired’ artwork for the Float Well space. You'll see his works on display in each float room, as well as in our common spaces.

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Mish Goh

Mish is a personal trainer at ONI Fitness Studio, accountability analyst at the Ministry of Health, and poledance instructor. She is passionate about spreading positivity through health and fitness and is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential.

As former NZ Thai-kickboxing champion, NZ Army medic, and a national award winning poledancer – Mish is no stranger to hard work. With hard training, smart recovery, and a positive attitude – anyone can achieve optimal performance in both mind and body.

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Vanderson Pires

Vanderson Pires is a journalist from Sao Paulo, a student of psychology at Massey University and a third degree black belt and professor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Combat Room. His style of teaching Jiu Jitsu involves incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques into lessons, improving the emotional and physical durability of his students.


Vanderson’s personal meditation style developed from his experience living with monks, participating in long-term silent and meditation retreats and his research in psychology.

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