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Community Hours

At Float Well, we want to provide as many people as possible with the chance to float with us. We genuinely believe in the benefits that floatation therapy can provide and want to ensure that cost is not a barrier. Community is one of our core principles and a huge inspiration for doing what we do. Our Community Hours Programme has been created to support and give back to people who do good in Wellington with an opportunity to get in and float at a special reduced rate.


If you are a:
•    Teacher
•    Nurse, doctor or other health care professional
•    First responder
•    Veteran or active military service
•    Gold Card holder
•    Community Service Card holder, or a
•    Person with a disability, chronic condition or illness (including mental health)


Then come float with us from 10am - 1pm every Wednesday for 40% off our regular price: $64 for Single Floats & $100 for Double Floats. This is just one way we are giving back to the Wellington community!

To book in, click the button below to email us asking for your Community Hours float.

Karma Float Bank

It's our way of giving back!

We truly believe that floating can benefit so many people and we want to share floating as much as we can. This was the inspiration behind introducing our Karma-3 Float Pack in October 2018. Not only does the purchaser receive a discount on floats for themselves, for every Karma-3 Float Pack purchased each month, we donate a float towards our Karma Float Bank.

What is the Karma Float Bank?

It’s a bank of floats we distribute to people in most need of floating but who struggle to afford to. Each month, we will nominate an in-need group and either run a giveaway on our Facebook page or donate the floats to an organisation that supports these deserving folk.

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