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Sample our custom-made float tank music prior to your float session!

In 2019, former Float Well employee and very talented musician Michael Sutherland composed, recorded, and developed the first professionally recorded music for sensory deprivation pods or float tanks.

This project included 6 full length tracks which also weave into a full 1-hour sound journey for Float Well customers to enjoy listening to during their float tank session. These tracks were produced specifically for Float Well's Dreampod float tanks to offer you an incredible listening experience.

Sample our float tank music below with these 1-minute cuts of each track. This can make getting set up for your float smoother, as you already know what you'd like to listen to. 


During your float, music can be played for the first 10 minutes and last 5 minutes (with silence in between), the whole time (you can turn the music on/off using the red button inside the float tank), or only the last 5 minutes to ease you out of your float! Your float facilitator can help guide you through this in your float briefing.

Sub Zero
Wave State
Rain Brain
Tree Spirits
Space Cadet
Spirit Vibes
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