How to book your float

  1. Create your account: LOGIN to access our schedule and browse our services and packages. Mindbody will ask for your credit card to confirm your booking – don’t worry, you will not be charged.
  2. Book your float: Choose which day and time works best for you. If you are using a gift voucher, please provide your voucher number at the time of booking.
  3. Show up: Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You will need to complete our waiver form prior to your first float.
  4. Float: We will give you a thorough orientation so you can best enjoy your float.
  5. Post-float: Rinse off, use the vanity space with provided amenities and relax in our post-float lounge. Enjoy a cup of tea, reflect, read or share your experience.

Before you arrive


We encourage everyone to use the toilet prior to your shower and floating, this way you will have no distractions during your session. Even if you think you don’t have to go, still visit the loo before floating.


We encourage everyone to avoid shaving your body or face at least 24 hours before your float, as any abrasions can be irritating due to the high Epsom salt content.


A super full stomach is not great for floating, nor is the emptiest of stomachs. Having a light, easily digestible meal pre-float is recommended.


Being dehydrated before the float is not ideal. A healthy daily hydration practice is good for optimal biology! After your float, make sure to drink plenty of water.


Definitely avoid having caffeine before you float; however, we know this is difficult for most of us Wellingtonians! Be mindful that the stimulation you experience from caffeine is the exact opposite of being in the tank. Some may find that caffeine can cause unwanted anxiety and stress within your body, so try to limit the amount you consume. By the end of your float, you may not actually need your fix!

Coupling activities

We have found performing physical activity before you float can enhance the experience. Your body has expended pent-up energy, muscles and tissues are loose and flowing with blood, your mind is clear and calm. But be mindful not to go overly hard on your training, as your muscles may feel a little restless if you smash out personal bests pre-float.

Techniques in the tank


Your breath can be an amazing tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. Try to breathe primarily from your nose. At first, you can consciously take deep breaths, but once you settle into your experience, try less to manipulate the breath and more just observe. Your body will always remember to breath, there is no need to actively control it.

Body positions

The most important thing is to get comfortable. We recommend trying a few position to see which suits you best:

  1. With your arms at your side, palms down/up;
  2. Arms over-head like a cactus, with your palms up
  3. Hands on your belly

Once you like your position and feel comfortable, try to remain still and consciously relax all of your muscles. Doing so will allow your mind to forget about the physical body, giving you the wonderful feeling of weightlessness.

If you can’t find a relaxing position, try a few different positions! There is no right or wrong way to float – some people like to stretch and make up their own float positions. Explore and see what feels good!

Letting go

Don’t “try” to do anything in the tank, don’t force something to happen, don’t expect anything to happen – this is the exact opposite of where you want to go while in the tank. If you find your mind is really busy and you cannot focus, try to notice your thoughts and let them go. If you have some thoughts you want to work through, let them come. And if you fall asleep, take the rest you body seemingly needs! Repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax” or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your exhalation can help at first, but the message here is to let go as best you can.


With external stimuli at a minimum, your nervous system will turn up the volume to try and sense anything. Since there is still “nothing” coming in, there is a great opportunity to simply sense whatever is left to be felt within your internal body. Feel your arms, legs, torso and head as intensely as possible. Cultivate as much sensitivity to these parts as you can and observe them without judgment, without limits. Observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Cancellation Policy

Please note we require at least 24 hours notice if rescheduling or cancelling your appointment, otherwise a $20 cancellation fee applies. Less than 4 hours notice or no shows will incur the full cost of your float if we are unable to fill the space.