Our Float Tanks

At Float Well, we have chosen to install ‘floatation pods’ as we personally love the cocoon-like design and warm/futuristic ambiance they provide when laying inside. Floatation pods have various shapes and sizes, as well as names – often call float tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, salt pods, float pods and/or float rooms. We offer two different styles: Dreampod V2’s and Dreampod Max’s.

The Dreampod Max is the newest addition to our float tank family and joins as the big brother of our Dreampod V2. We decided to bring in these spacious pods to cater to slightly larger individuals like athletes, people with mobility issues, to facilitate double floats and to anyone else who appreciates the extra space compared to our flagship V2. Both our V2 and Max pods offer plenty of interior space – the V2 with interior dimensions of 2.25m long by 1.45m wide and our Max with dimensions of 2.34m long by 1.62m wide (similar size as a Suzuki Swift!). Both can easily accommodate even the largest of floaters.

Dreampod Max

Our Dreampod Max pods live in our Heart and Solar rooms and can be booked out during all even hour times (10am, 12pm, 2pm, etc). These tanks are larger in size but have shallower water (25cm).

Dreampod V2

Our flagship V2 pods live in our original rooms, Crown and Third Eye. These pods have deeper water (31cm) offer some people a little bit more warmth or cosiness. So if you’d like to jump in a V2, book out the odd hour appointments (11am, 1pm, 3pm, etc).


Each tank is constructed of fibreglass and comprised of a lid and base. The lid is manually operated by the client, who can choose to leave the lid open or closed during their float. Interior lights offer a soothing and beautiful experience during a float, as they cycle through the seven chakra colours or can be turned off at a touch of a button. Furthermore, to ease the floater into the experience, speakers are embedded within the tank walls to allow listening of music during part or the duration of the float.

To help provide the floater with the ultimate sensory reduced experience, we have created a place to escape external stimuli and be at peace with the Self. When the interior lights are off, the pod is completely dark. This is an environment with as few distractions as possible, a space of empty nothingness in which the floater is supported in entering a space of expanded consciousness and exploration.

Dissolved Epsom salt in the water of each tank keeps the specific gravity (measure of buoyancy) at around 1.275 Kg/L (the ocean is 1.025 Kg/L). This makes the water more buoyant than the Dead Sea (1.24 Kg/L).

Epsom Salts


Water Volume


Water Depth


Water Temperature


(we can increase or decrease this temperature to suit your needs before your float)