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6 Ways to Maximize your Post-Float Glow

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

After spending an hour (or longer) in the float tank, alone and without distractions, stepping out into the real world can be a shock to the system. There’s nothing worse than feeling stress and tension creep back in the moment you step outside the tank. Transitioning into the hustle and bustle of the world is crucial to fully integrate the relaxing effects of your float experience.

Here are a few simple yet effective tips to extend the effects of your float and maximize your post-float glow:

1) Stick around

We designed our post-float lounge specifically with you in mind. After your float ends, you are encouraged to hang out in our lounge if you have the time. The last thing you’ll want to be doing is rushing out or running late for your next engagement, so schedule in an extra 15-30 minutes after your appointment to enjoy the lasting and visceral effects of your float on both your body and mind.

2) Tap into your creative juices

Withdrawing from sensory input can stimulate creativity and inspire your artistic flair. Our lounge is equipped with a reflections journal which houses post-float thoughts, poetry, even song lyrics. We also have books about floating to read and a mindfulness colouring-in book.

3) Prolong your digital detox

You just spent at least an hour off your mobile (hopefully). Why spoil your introspective, stress-free state of mind by reading about how much your friend still hates their job or another traffic jam in the news. Enjoy an extended break from the grips of technology and experience a connectedness with yourself. Some of our regular floaters even leave their phones with us at the front desk, to ensure there are no interruptions or urges to scroll immediately pre- or post-float. But if you just couldn’t resist taking a few selfies or snaps in the float room, then please tag us on Facebook and Instagram: @floatwellnz!

4) Hydrate

A glass of cold filtered water post-float can be just what you need! We also offer complimentary herbal tea from Libertine Blends.

5) Reflect and debrief

A Float Facilitator will be present to greet you after your float and offer you refreshments and a chance to debrief. Do not feel compelled to chat with us if you are feeling introspective and a bit dreamy after you emerge from your float session – we get it! Also, there’s no rush. We might need to sneak around the corner to clean the rooms or orientate new clients after your appointment, but you can enjoy our lounge for as long as you wish.

6) Schedule in your next float

Relaxing is not something that comes easy to many of us and like meditation, floating has cumulative and compounding positive effects. The more you float, the better you get at it. You learn to turn down the chatter of the mind, let go of physical tension from the body and connect with your breath more easily.

A frequent question is how often we recommend people float and while there is no “right answer” per se, scheduling in a float at least monthly is our most popular option. It not only gives you something to look forward to each month, but also gives you a chance to take your float experience to the next level. That’s why our Float Memberships offer you the best price per float, along with many other perks!

To book in, click here!

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